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As a charitable organisation our team is core to all we do. We love to invest in people, to raise up, train, and skill all members of our team. Part of our social mission is to raise up local people, especially those not currently working. We have a large, close team of volunteers and paid staff - all equally valued as 'Hideafamily'. 

Whether you're looking for an opportunity give back to the community and support those in need, to grow your own skills and employment opportunities or you're looking for a job, we have a range of opportunities and welcome applications for a whole range of roles. 

For tips in applying for a role, click here. 

Voluntary roles


The Hope Centre delivers over 100 food parcels each week in addition to shopping and other trips. We're looking for drivers who can volunteer a few hours each week to help.  

Noah's Cafe

Many people wishing to gain experience prefer to work in our Noah's Ark cafe. This work often involves preparing drinks, taking out food, clearing and cleaning, washing up and assisting the chefs. 

Hope Shop

The Hope Centre community store will provide affordable food, school uniform and support for the whole community. We need volunteers who can help in the shop. Various roles include checkout, restocking, advocacy and mentoring, finance, deliveries and cleaning. 

Special skills

Often we have people with a specific skillset offer to get involved with our work. As a large organisation working in a range of areas, if you have a special area of interest or training and think that you may be able to use that within our charity we would love to hear from you. Previously people we've worked with have offered experience in teaching, specific training, fundraising, IT, SEN, fitness and much more. 


Our volunteers help with a range of things from playing with children, running sessions such as crafts, games and sports, supporting new parents at mum&me, our SEN sessions and simply helping clean. 


Fundraising is a fantastic way to support our work. Whether a one-off or on-going basis, fundraising for specific areas of need or general can make a huge difference. From children undertaking sponsored challenges to organising curry's for friends, our supporters have gone above and beyond to raise essential funds for our work. 


Employment roles

We are not currently looking for any additional paid staff. Please do feel free to get involved as a volunteer though! 

To apply for a role with us:

1. Take a look at the roles currently available. Read the job descriptions carefully. 

2. If there's a role you're interested in, carefully have a look through our website to learn more about our organisation, our values and what we do. 

3. Read our Social Mission document. It's really important to us that our staff want more than a job, believe in what we're about and want to be a part of a team delivering that mission. 

4. Read the tips for applicants. We have a lot of applications, and we're trying to make it as easy as possible for you to make your application stand out. This article will tell you what we're looking for and how to get a job. 

5. Complete your application and send it to us. (A CV, email, facebook message or anything else will not do)

6. Await a response.  We will call you for interview if we feel you might be right for a position. 

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