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The Extra Care Register

The Extra Care Register is operated by our friends at North West Electricity. The register is for any households who have vulnerable members at home, including those with children under 5. It ensures that in the event of a power cut for any reason, your household is automatically prioritised for emergency help, and for restoring lost power. 

The register is free to join, and if you're eligible, with permission, we can pass on your details to be added to the register, and that's all you have to do! 

You're eligible to join the Extra Care register if you:

  • have reached your state pension age

  • are disabled or have a long-term medical condition

  • are recovering from an injury

  • have a hearing or sight condition

  • have a mental health condition

  • are pregnant or have children under 5

  • have extra communication needs (such as if you don’t speak or read English well)

  • need to use medical equipment that requires a power supply

  • have poor or no sense of smell

  • would struggle to answer the door or get help in an emergency.

Join the Register

If you think you may be elligible to join the Extra Care Register and would like to be included, please complete the form below. We will pass this on to Electricity North West for inclusion on the register. 

Thanks for submitting!

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