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Opening details

Our open play sessions are available throughout most of the week and booking online is highly advisable, although dropping in is possible when we're quiet. 

We usually operate timed sessions. It may be possible to attend between times, but your session may be shorter if the following session is already fully booked. 

Term-time opening hours:

9.30am - 3pm General Play


9.30am - 1pm General Play

1pm - 3pm Early Our Club (SEND Session)

4pm - 6.30pm Our Club (SEND Session)


9.30am - 5.30pm General Play


10.30am - 5.30pm General Play


Closed for exclusive hire parties

*Saturday morning 9am - 10.30am varies, including Early Riser sessions (play for under 5s), Who Let the Dads Out, and Dads' Cafe. See bookings for details. 

'Pay What You Can' play centre

The Hideaway is aiming to become what we believe may be Britain's first free play centre. We want the centre to be accessible to all families, to enjoy learn and thrive together. 

The Hideaway has a 'Pay What You Can' policy. It costs us around £10 per visitor to run the Hideaway, but we know this is unaffordable for some. When you book to visit, you may choose a free ticket, or your own donation rate. You can also choose to use our 'tap to give' stand  once in the Hideaway - especially if it's your first visit! 

There's no pressure but please give generously if you're able. We can cla
im an additional 25% on all donations made by tax payers through the Gift Aid scheme, so please tick the Gift Aid box if you're eligible. 

If you book and can't make it, you can move your booking to another date within 24 hours of the booking. If you need to cancel, please do so to release your spaces for others. We sadly can't refund donations. 

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