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About us

The Hideaway exists for the benefit of our local Partington community as well as the wider borough and region. As a not-for-profit organisation our goal is use all the resources at our disposal to support families and residents in Partington through a range of services, education and partners. 

The Hideaway is one project under Hidden Treasure Trust CIO, a registered charity. We opened our large unit above the shops in Partington Shopping Centre in April 2018 with an educational play facility and cafe. Once established as a leading play facility in the region, our attention turned to supporting the thousands of families that come through our doors each year along with improving the lives of the residents on our doorstep. 

We have a large educational play facility that focuses on role play, creativity, construction and sports. A big programme of informal sessions take place throughout the day for young children. In July 2019 we constructed Noah's Ark in our cafe which includes an education suite and community room. This space is used for our Step-up programme, employment support, training workshops and support groups. Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic in March our facility has also been operating as the Hope Centre - acting as a response hub for our community. We've provided thousands of food parcels, hot meals, packed lunches, energy support, wellbeing calls and other support for the wider community. As the landscapes and needs change, our new permanent Hope Centre base in the Hideaway will provide on-going services responding to the various needs and signposting to others as they arise. 

For individuals and community transformation

Our Social Mission - 

Building identity

Our mission is to advance the social, mental and emotional development of ten thousand children. We aim to help them develop a positive self-image and understand their value, skills and potential using innovative play and hands-on activities.


Although the impact is hardest to measure and in many ways, toughest to achieve, the foundational understanding that a child has immeasurable value can have a transformational effect on that child. We use creative play and activities to help children learn as they play within our facility. We plan to use innovative mobile interactive units with older children and young people to help them discover their own identity, worth, talents and potential.

Our Mission

Our Social Mission - 

Uniting community

Our mission is to unite a community by building a safe, inclusive environment where visitors are welcomed as friends, valued as family and find a place to belong.

There are many fantastic support services available, yet many people are unable to find much needed help, perhaps through fear or simply not knowing where to look. Our aim is to become an invaluable resource, a crucial hub for an incredible community. A place for friends to meet, and new friends to be made. Volunteer ‘befrienders’ in the centre each day are there for the sole purpose of making friends, building bridges and pointing those who need help most in the right direction.

Our Social Mission - 

Empowering the marginalised

Our mission is to create a free training and employment centre for the local and wider community.

We believe that every person is worth investing in, and everyone should be encouraged to take small steps towards self-improvement, whatever that may look like for them. Our centre and education hub offers a voluntary work placement programme to help people into the workplace, free accredited training, free life skills and social improvement courses and a varied holistic approach to tailoring the support offered for maximum impact for every individual.


Our Social Mission - 

Providing answers

Our mission is to be a vital information point for anyone looking for support or general information. Knowing where to go when help is needed can be one of the most challenging issues for anyone facing a crisis, going through a trauma or simply looking for an answer to a question. Our mission is to become a first point of contact for anyone in trouble or just a little lost. This is done through physically providing information, computers and trained volunteers, by becoming a base for service providers to connect with potential service users, and by becoming a hub for communications across the area.

Our Social Mission - 

Eliminating isolation

Our mission is to reduce social isolation and build community cohesion

Social isolation is a problem that affects every level of society. It is not limited to a single people group or demographic but can have a devastating effect on the very youngest and the most senior members of our community. Our goal is to work with others to identify those most at risk of social isolation, work to remove the barriers and provide a way of re-connecting those effected with other people to begin meaningful, healthy friendships.


We Need Your Support Today!

Our Christian Ethos

As an organisation we operate with a Christian ethos that motivates and underpins all we do.

What this looks like:

  • Our overseeing board ensure ‘people before profit’ and that all funds generated are used for the direct improvement of the area. 

  • Use the centre to provide employment, support, training, education and meeting the physical and mental needs of the local community. 

  • Promoting unity, family life, positive parenting and finding creative ways to support and enhance this .

  • Being a centre that embraces and cares for all people from all backgrounds, regardless of faith, culture, race or lifestyle; valuing all equally. 

  • Using biblical stories, principles and teachings to emphasise every individual’s value, worth and potential and to encourage children to love and care for the community and world around them. 

  • Partner with local churches, schools and organisations to provide area wide special events and activities.

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