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Inspiring Dads

Being a dad is hard! There's very little training or support and yet we're somehow supposed to know how to care for our little bundles of joy, raise children in the right way and all the while somehow supporting our family and looking after our own mental health. 


Inspiring Dads is the name of a new project which is part of our extensive Family & Education team support. We have a dedicated dads' worker - Andy Lancey - who is passionate about getting alongside birth fathers and those playing the role of dad in all its wonderful, complicated shapes and sizes, empowering, encouraging and equipping them to be the best dads that they can be. 

We have a range of fantastic resources from EPIC Dad and Dads Matter which is used to help shape courses and conversations. Andy is available for formal and informal mentoring and support over a brew or walk as you try to figure it all out. There are drop-in sessions, with or without kids, to meet other dads and give each other a little encouragement. There's even a dad camp in the planning for dads to spend some amazing 1-1 quality time investing in their young ones. 

If you want to find out more, get involved, go on a course or simply reach out, get in touch now. 


Andy Lancey

Andy is our dads' worker. He's passionate about empowering and encouraging other dads to learn together, share their knowledge and become the best they can be. Andy is a dad to two children and always strives to be the best possible dad he can be to them. 

Andy is a lover of many sports and long-term supporter of Portsmouth FC, he also loves American Football and was delighted to see his Bengals team recently reach the SuperBowl. He enjoys playing badminton, the piano and trumpet and a part of People's Church Partington. 

Dads Interest Survey

We'd love to know which of our activities and courses you're interested in, and if there's anything else you'd like to see us offer in the future.

This short survey will take just a couple of minutes to complete, and will really help us to support all you dads and male carers in the best way possible! 

Dads Night Out

A social evening for dads to relax, enjoy great food and a beer together, play games, and take a bit of time out from every day life.

Next Event:


Join us for a delicious curry!


Dad Survival Course

Dads Survival Course: Preparing new dads for Fatherhood
Dates and times to suit dads schedules. Running daytime or evening.
Becoming a dad is life-changing, an amazing privilege, but also an awesome responsibility.

The 3 session course is designed to help new fathers and father figures embrace their role and not just survive, but thrive in family life. The 3 sessions look at a Dad’s Readiness, Relationships and Roles.
Dads will also get an Epic Dad Survival kit – A backpack containing lots of practical items for new dads and babies.


Contact Andy here


Dad Wellbeing Course

The Dads Wellbeing Course - Being the best version of yourself helps you be the dad your kids deserve
The 5-session course is aimed at supporting fathers and father figures with their overall wellbeing. The course helps dads explore practical things they can do to make positive changes in their lives. Each session looks at a different aspect of lifestyle. Through the course we seek to encourage dads to better look after themselves, so they are better able to support their families.


Next course Mon 22nd Jan, 7.30pm


Sign up here


Dad & Kid Hike

An opportunity to put those devices down and get outdoors, and join other dads and their kids on a mini adventure! (Recommended for kids age 7+ but younger kids can come along if they're up for a hike!). Pack a picnic!

When: Saturday 27th January 2024

Where: Spud Wood, Lymm

Email Andy for more info or to sign up!


Who Let the Dads Out?

2nd Saturday of the month 8.30am – 10.30am.

Free play session for local dads including breakfast served after 9am (run in conjunction with People’s Church Partington)

Upcoming dates: 

9th December

13th January

10th February

9th March

Book via our website as spaces are limited and the session is popular! 


Courses and Mentoring

Dad skills group


An opporunity to meet other dads and hone your dad skills. We look at how to deal with different apects of parenting but from the dads perspective: 

Topics include: Understanding your child's needs, how to connect better with your child, dealing with difficult behaviour, how to be a team with your partner, and how to bring up kids as a single parent or when you and your child's parents are no longer living together. 

Next group in February:   email for more info

1 to 1 dad mentoring is also available, especially if you prefer to talk without a group present. This can be a one-off or regular meet up to discuss anything. Please contact Andy to arrange suitable time.

Chatting Over Coffee
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