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From January 16th 2023, in what we believe to be a UK first the Hideaway play centre will be removing it's standard entry fees for the play centre and moving to a 'Pay What You Can' donation model instead. 

The bold move reflects our heart to support families through a time when all other prices are increasing (including our own!), and a desire to model a spirit of generosity and kindness in business. 

It currently costs around £10 per Visitor to keep the Hideaway running (excluding our other charity projects and costs!) and other play centres are charging up to £15 per child currently in a bid to stay afloat. While we know this is unaffordable for many, we know others are in a stronger financial position. It's our hope that those that can afford to pay a higher rate will choose to do so, and those who are struggling will give what they can. If you can't afford to pay a single penny? That's ok too. 


How does it work?

Customers book their slot in the usual way via our booking system. They book a ticket for everyone, but can choose which donation rate ticket they choose, including a free ticket. UK taxpayers can choose to add Gift Aid to their donation - increasing their donation by 25p for every £1 paid at no extra cost to them. 

In the Hideaway, all customers can also choose to use tap to give instead or as well. This might be particularly helpful for first-time visitors who don't know how much their visit is worth to them until they arrive. 

Choosing to make a donation, however large or small not only helps to keep the Hideaway running, but it helps with our other projects too. It helps to feed people and allows us to top up energy for people in an emergency. It helps us advise and support families. It helps us work in schools - supporting children who are struggling and much much more. 

We are so excited to launch this new initiative and support families in a totally new way, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Whilst we hope that our generous visitors will cover a large proportion of our costs, we're under no illusions that it will cover everything. As a charity the demand for our support is growing exponentially, and we need more and more financial help to keep up with that demand. 

If you can support us in any way - be it fundraising, making a donation, collecting food for the pantry, getting the word out or becoming a regular monthly supporter, we would appreciate it hugely. 

Thank you. 

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