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Volunteering for Hidden Treasure

As a Christian charitable organisation, we work hard to support our community and families from the North West in the best way we know how, and to do that we need a growing army of fantastic volunteers to help. 

At the Hideaway we want to do business differently. Businesses hire and fire employees, but families raise up sons and daughters. Our heart is to create a family culture of individuals committed to raising one another up, and that includes every member of our paid and voluntary team. 

Whether a volunteer is short or long term, looking for experience or looking to support the charity or community, our commitment to you is the same. We will do all we can to ensure that you feel valued, supported, equipped and growing as part of the Hidden Treasure Family. 

There are a huge range of jobs that can be supported by volunteers, whether you have a very specific set of skills or just hope to chip in where you’re able. We’re looking for people who can commit to a particular project or role for the long term, and people who are looking to volunteer as a stepping stone to something else. If you want to get involved, we would love to hear from you. 

Voluntary roles

Hideaway team

Assisting the Hideaway team to provide a high level of service to our visitors in our educational play centre and cafe. Specific roles vary according to your interest and strengths, but can include working in either the play Centre or the Café as needed. Jobs include tidying, supervising play areas and engaging with families in the play centre. You can support with crafts, messy play, sports or song time type sessions. If working in the café you may provide support to the team, delivering food orders, ensuring food preparation, and dining areas are clean, tidy and well stocked. This includes wiping down tables, stocking condiments, clearing the dining and serving areas and washing pots in the kitchen.


We’re always short of drivers – ideally those willing and able to use their own vehicle (milage costs covered). Our driver volunteers collect donations, food deliveries and materials, delivering meals, support the Hope Green team with dropping off tools, and moving donated items such as fridges from the donor to the recipient. Volunteers work with our team and are often willing to be called on ad-hoc, as well as having some set times during the week. This role is ideal to combine with others if you want to give a little more time.

Online selling

We are urgently seeking a volunteer who can give a couple of hours each week to assist with the running of our eBay and online selling. Taking photos of merchandise, managing online orders and queries. Locating, packaging and sending orders, keeping eBay and customers up to date on the status of orders.

Hope Centre

The Hope Centre provides a food pantry and a range of support for local residents. There are a range of roles available for all types of volunteer. Jobs can include assisting the Hope Centre Team in keeping the Hope Pantry well stocked, clean and presentable. Being on hand to provide assistance to members with their shopping, needs and signposting them for other support. Some volunteers provide pastoral support, taking time to have a brew with members and provide a listening ear. Volunteers may wish to combine this role with other roles such as driving/deliveries, or supporting with running free courses.


Keeping such large and highly used spaces clean and safe is a constant challenge! Volunteers who enjoy cleaning and are willing to help keep the space clean are invaluable to our team. If you can give any time to helping with regular cleaning at any time of the day this would be very much appreciated. Volunteers use cleaning materials and chemicals safely in accordance with policies and guidance to help the Hideaway look its best.

After school clubs

After Easter we will be launching a series of after school clubs. We are seeking volunteers who can support the Hideaway team to provide great after school clubs in gymnastics, animals, animation and minecraft. This includes preparation, setting up and the smooth delivery of sessions. This is ideal for anyone who enjoys working with children or hopes to develop their skills or experience in this area. A DBS check is required for this role.

Hope Green

The Hope Green team are looking for willing volunteers to give a few hours on a regular basis and help with improving our local environment. You will be helping to support residents of the M31 area to keep their green spaces neat and tidy. This may include cutting grass, trimming back hedges and bushes, general tidying and lifting. Transporting equipment to and from appointments with the team and clearing up and returning equipment after the shift. You may also wish to get involved with a weekly Hope Green workshop, building planters, making compost and helping local families to learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables. If you’re looking for something hands on and chance to hang out with others, get some fresh air and help people, this project could be ideal for you.

Admin and Marketing

Volunteers with skills and background in any of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ areas are very much appreciated. Volunteers are needed to support the team in providing support in a range of areas including marketing, graphic design, and social media management, photography and videoing. Roles can include assisting planning and designing marketing strategies for a range of projects and events within Hidden Treasure Trust. Provide general administration support, including filing, photocopying, data entry and typing. Volunteers can share their knowledge or gain experience within these areas. Volunteers are often given projects to work on which can be done as part of our team or independently at a suitable time.

SEN support

Our Club run a weekly session for children with SEND and their families in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. This is a wonderful opportunity to work alongside our SEN team to provide resources, clubs, and support to families with SEN children. Volunteers will grow in their skills and understanding of Special Needs and it’s ideal for anyone with an interest in SEND.

Elderly support

We’re looking for volunteers to help launch a new programme supporting more senior members of our community. We’re looking to create regular events for senior residents to come together and looking for a team who can give lifts, run activities and simply help to befriend local people.


Fundraising volunteers and roles can vary widely. They’re fundamental to the future of our charity and ensuring the work we do has longevity. Fundraising volunteers can: -Use existing business networks to promote the charity and join our new business support group -Assist with writing funding applications/bids -Commit to personal fundraising in a range of ways -Support with seeking support ‘in-kind’ from businesses and organisations -Support with seeking individual regular or one-off donors


What to expect

Why volunteer with us?

People choose to volunteer for a whole range of different reasons, and all are valid. Some of the reasons you may choose to volunteer are:

-    To give something back or invest in supporting those less fortunate

-    To gain valuable work experience

-    To grow your skills and access free training

-    To grow in confidence and make moves towards getting out more

-    To improve your mental health – working with a team and helping others

-    As part of a social commitment in your workplace (corporate volunteer days)

Our commitment to you:
-    Full induction and introduction to your role and colleagues
-    Personal on-going su
pport from our volunteer co-ordinator
-    Paid volunteer expenses and meal (when volunteering over 3 hours)
-    Uniform and relevant PPE - Volunteer T-shirt and lanyard
-    Free access to a programme of training opportunities (including food hygiene) 
-    A Hideafam ‘buddy’ to ensure you have someone available to help when needed
-    Invite to our annual ‘thank you’ event
-    Be included on team communications, training and social events
-    Support finding employment if this is something you hope to do

Your commitment as a volunteer:
-    To turn up as agreed wherever possible and get stuck in
-    To represent us well to all customers and service users
-    To share our values, and help us support and love our community 
-    To follow our policies and procedures and behave in the same way as our
  paid team members

Who can volunteer and when?
-    Can you commit to 3 hours or more per week for 12 weeks as part of our Hidden Treasure Volunteer programme? 
-    Can you commit to a particular role or project for the longer term for as little as a few hours per month?
-    Can you commit to a short placement as part of a work experience programme?
-    Can you give a day or more as part of your workplace corporate giving?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we’d love to hear from you!

Volunteers should:
-    Be min age 14+ 
-    Not volunteer during school hours without express consent of the school (up to end Y11)
-    Be volunteering alongside an official carer if unable to comfortably work independently
-    Be legally allowed to work alongside children and vulnerable adults (DBS check may be 
required for some roles)
-    Not currently be the subject of any criminal investigation

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