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Clothing Rack

Hidden Treasure

We're developing a new clothing section within the Hideaway, providing pre-loved and brand new clothes  for children. Focussing on school uniform, other clothing is also available and will be increasing over the coming months. 

All parents are welcome browse the clothes, help themselves and donate so that others can benefit too. Please pay at the reception desk. 

School uniform is available for:

Partington Central Academy
Forest Gate Academy

Our Lady of Lourdes RC school Partington

Broadoak High School

Little Bollington CorE (limited)

General unbranded uniform is also available for all. Due to limited space we're unable to accept donations of branded uniform for other schools in the area. 


Poor old Santa is having a bad day! He’s struggling to sleep as he wrestles with some tricky questions. Who gets to be on the naughty list? What makes a child good? Aren’t we all grumpy or mean sometimes? Follow Santa’s adventure as he crashes straight into the answer to his questions one magical Christmas Eve...

This book shares the gospel story in a gentle yet thoughtful way, presenting a challenge to parents and children alike as Santa discovers God's amazing grace for himself. 

To order, go to shop

This book is copyrighted and printing or replication of any kind is illegal without prior consent.

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