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As an organisation we are motivated by a Christian faith that encourages us to love God and love one-another but in practise, what does that really mean for the Hideaway?

Our Staff

Some of our team are practising Christians from a range of church backgrounds and denominations. Some of our team have other beliefs, some profess to having no faith at all. All our welcomed, loved and valued.


We love families whether blood relative or united in purpose. We believe it's part of our role to promote and model unity, family life, positive parenting and finding creative ways to support and enhance this. 


We have started to produce our own Christian resources such as books for children. More of these will be available soon but for now you can view and order these on the resources page. 

Our Visitors

We have no idea at all what the majority of our visitors and service users believe. We believe that we should embrace and care for all people from all backgrounds, regardless of faith, culture, race or lifestyle; valuing all equally. 

The Bible

We think the Bible has a lot of great stuff to say, even today. We often use Biblical stories, principles and teachings to emphasise every individual’s value, worth and potential and to encourage children to love and care for the community and world around them.  

Our Money

We believe that people should be valued above profit. This means ensuring that our services and all we have to offer should be available to all, including those without the means to afford it. It also means providing the best, even if it makes us no money. 


We believe that unity is a powerful thing and see its importance stated throughout the Bible. We partner with local churches, schools, local authority, and a huge range of other organisations to provide support, activities and improve lives.

Our Services

We believe that we have been given an incredible facility and have a responsibility to use that to use to the best of our ability. We use the centre to provide employment, support, training, education and meeting the needs of families and the local community. 


We believe in the importance and power of prayer. We regularly ask other Christians to pray for our work, freely offer prayer, and regularly host prayer and worship gatherings both as an organisation, and as a venue for other churches.

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