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Educational School Trips

Experience totally unique school trips with the Hideaway


The Hideaway is a fantastic charitable, educational play centre based in Partington, South Manchester. 
It provides the perfect affordable and unique setting for both KS1 and KS2 children on your 2023 end of year treat.


Educational Play Trip

Nursery, Reception, Y1

Chance for children to explore and play our large centre independently. Explore our play zones, take part in our on-site challenges and treasure hunts and have lots of fun together. 


Bible Discovery Day 

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Some free time to play plus a series of small groups activities, workshops and mini-interactive sessions designed to help children discover what the Christian Bible has to say and how this might be relevant to us today. 
This is perfect to complement the RS syllabus. 


Thrive or Survive Financial Challenge Day

Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3

A little bit like a giant ‘Game of Life’, this money management workshop helps children to understand how their decisions and priorities might affect their lives. KS2 children are presented with some basic financial training, some decisions to make about their life and career and then let loose in a role play world to try out managing money for themselves. 
This super fun and fully immersive workshop will see children gain some real-life understanding of managing their personal finances and see who, at the end of the day comes out on top! Along with the money workshop experience, there is time for children to play too.

Book Bible Discovery day or Thrive or Survive Challenge by 5th April 2023 for a £200 discount

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