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Pilot Jon veggies out!

Over the past 9 months we've been amazed by the incredible generosity of friends old and new as we've sought to ensure that every single member of our community have what they need. One of those particularly brilliant people is the lovely Jonathan Dowdeswell, a pilot from Lymm who has set himself a personal target of raising £1000 for the Hope Centre.

Jon cooking

Jonathan has been cooking some wonderful curry dishes at home - making the most of Veganuary and sending them to friends in return for a donation to his Hope Centre fund. Since starting this little project before Christmas Jonathan has managed to raise well over £800 and feels confident of hitting his target of £1000 over the next few weeks.

We'd like to say a massive thank you to Jonathan for his incredible efforts and to all his friends who have benefitted and supported his fundraising campaign. We think his cooking efforts were a fantastic idea and would love to invite you to do similar, or think about how you might use your own skills or talents to benefit your friends and raise money for the Hope Centre. Every penny raised by Jonathan will help to pay for food, energy and other things for those who are struggling right now in our community.

Make a donation to the Hope Centre

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