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New Mum&me Lockdown baby club

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, but this is especially true for mums with new babies. Usually the first months of a baby's life is filled with play dates, groups, support and advice from professionals and much more, yet this year we're seeing babies who are visiting the Hideaway and only seeing another baby here for the very first time!

The government recognise the importance of support groups for new parents and as such the 'rule of 6' does not apply to this particular type of group. As a result, from Tuesday 29th September we would love to invite mums with 'lockdown babies' to our Tuesday morning 9.30am session - a session exclusively for you. The group will last an hour and a half and includes an hour to explore our play area, meet other mums and see your babies enjoy a whole new stimulating, clean environment, and half an hour to enjoy our cafe together whilst we clean the play area.

Whilst the group is quite informal with no set structure, we will be inviting a range of visiting professionals to offer advice and answer any questions that you may have each week.

Whilst the group is aimed at first time mums or those with older children in childcare, if you have a new baby and a toddler and would really appreciate chance to meet other mums through this time, you are welcome to bring your toddler along as well.

Booking is required through our booking system to help us monitor numbers but we look forward to seeing you there.

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