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Give a charity gift card this Christmas

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

With Christmas right around the corner this time of love, peace and festive cheer is for many, yet another source of stress and anxiety. With so many people furloughed, already struggling to feed their families and pay bills, how can they even begin to think about Christmas?

Want to help?

Whilst some of us are wondering what bills we can ignore in order to buy something small for a loved one, others are stressing over what to buy their loved one who already has everything. We have the perfect solution! This year you can buy a Charity Gift Card from us which you can give to your loved one, and on their behalf donate a hamper of food or toys to a family in need. You can buy the gift cards here through our online shop.

We will send you a nice Christmas card to pass on to your friends and family explaining the gift. (One card per £20 donation - Food hamper card, £25 donation - Toy hamper card, £5 or other - Either card)

Last year we distributed thousands of pounds worth of toys, food, toiletries and goodies dozens of families who needed help. This year our database is far far larger. Last year we also asked for toy donations which people were so generous with. However, it did result in an uneven amount of toys and children of certain ages and genders receiving more than others. This year for fairness and to make all your donations go further, we will be getting hold of toys both wholesale and at massively discounted prices. This way your £25 donation will ensure a child receives gifts worth £60-£100. Each toy hamper for younger children will include:

- Something to read

- Something creative/arty

- Something to construct

- Something to role play

- Something for outdoors

- Something to play with others (game)

Older children will receive smellies rather than role play toys and something age appropriate rather than construction toy.

You can also donate a food hamper. This will include Christmas food and treats for a family. General donations will be allocated to where it's most needed.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

If you would simply like to donate to the Christmas fund for family hampers, you can also do so through paypal or directly.

If you would like to make a direct bank transfer, please email us to ensure that it's all allocated correctly.

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