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Hideout Support Groups


Hideout Club is the name of our children's support group created specifically to help children who are finding things especially tough for whatever reason. It's for children aged 5-10 and provides a chance for children to meet with others and look at a particular topic each week. 

Hideout Club is especially for children who are currently struggling with their mental wellbeing, anxiety or just finding hard to make new friends. It's a small group, friendly session and gives children opportunity to make friends and do some activities which should help them in the future. It's ideal for children who might struggle to find big clubs or activities to join after school that are suitable for them. 

Each week the two-hour structured session is packed with activities, crafts, games, play-time and a chance to learn more about our topic of the week such as confidence, caring, courage, calmness or communication. We'll look at the challenges we each face, think through our responses, feelings and behaviour and help children feel more equipped to deal with the situations they're facing.  

The sessions are planned carefully by an experienced team, with sensitivity to the specific needs of the individuals in the group.

Everything is done with safety in mind and fully risk assessed. 

Parents are welcome to stay and use the cafe during the session but our team are DBS checked and fully insured and can look after your child. The sessions are booked in 6 week blocks and include a hot meal (range of choices) which we eat together as a group. 

If you live in Partington or Carrington and cannot afford the cost of the sessions, please contact our team using the main contact us form to discuss. We do have some funding to subsidise some of the costs of sessions for families who would benefit but might struggle to pay. 

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